Lauri Luik: Täna avasime Otepääl koolinoorte MM-i suusatamises


Minu tänane kõne maailmameistrivõistluste avatseremoonial:

Honoured athletes, dear guests and sports friends

Welcome to Estonia, welcome to Otepää to the ISF Cross-Country Ski 2014 World Schools Championships.

I`m glad that nine countries, all together about 150 best young athletes around the world have gathered to participate in World Schools Championships here in Otepää. Welcome Austria, Belarus, Belgium, France, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia and Estonia. I wish all of you a great and unforgettable experience and good luck on track.

Dear athletes, I want to remind you that sports is not ONLY about WINNING, it´s also about health, about making new friends, having great emotions and getting unforgettable memories. It´s about learning new cultures and exploring new places and so on. So please, enjoy your competition and don´t forget to make new friends, to explore and to have fun!

Organizing World Championships is not an easy challenge. As you may have noticed spring has come to Estonia early this year and it has taken enormously big effort to do all the preparations, to produce the snow and to prepare the tracks with such a great sunny days. But we have managed. Big thanks for that to our excellent staff- here in Otepää and in Estonian School Sports Federation.

Great thanks to ISF, especially to mr president Andrea Delpin and to mr secretary general Jan Coolen for the trust, support and honour to organize these Championships. We thank Estonian Government and Ministry of Culture Affairs, also Estonian Olympic Committee for the support. And last but not least- great thanks to our super volunteers! THANK YOU!

Honoured athletes, dear guests and sports friends,

I declare ISF Cross-Country Ski 2014 World Schools Championships in Otepää OPEN.

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