Kaja Kallas: EP to introduce the Single Digital Gateway to ease cross-border activities for citizens and businesses

Kaja Kallas

The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee today adopted a report on new laws establishing the Single Digital Gateway, which will provide citizens and companies with safe, central a user-friendly online access to complete and accurate information, procedures, assistance and problem solving services.

Procedures available will cover situations which are relevant for moving, studying, working, starting and doing a business cross-border, such as registering a business, registering an employer/employees for compulsory pension and insurance schemes, applying for study loans and grants, recognition of academic titles, getting a European Health Card or registering a motor vehicle. The interface will be available in all EU languages and any procedure currently available online for domestic users will be accessible in a non-discriminatory way to users from other EU countries and in one additional EU language.

MEP Kaja Kallas, ALDE’s shadow rapporteur on this regulation said:
“I want every EU citizen to be able to benefit from e-government services, and the Single Digital Gateway initiative is certainly a great starting point for that. I am also a strong supporter of the “once only” principle. If the government has already requested information from citizens, it should not ask it again. I want governments to work for citizens, not the other way around.”

The Single Digital Gateway responds to users’ needs in a digital world. It could help companies save more than EUR 11 billion per year, and EU citizens up to 855 000 hours of their time annually. The initiative will benefit those moving to or doing business in another EU country, but also the many people and companies who decide to stay in their home country. It also incentivises Member States to adopt e-government strategies to offer modern and efficient public services.


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