Rait Maruste: Kõne Iraani vastupanuliikumise konverentsil 2. veebruaril Pariisis


Dear Madam Rajavi, 

Members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, 
Members of the French Committee for Democratic Iran, 
Ladies and Gentelman dear Iranian friends 
Many nice and wise words have already been said. Nevertheless I will try to do my best and add some.  

Iran as a country and Iranian people as a nation among others have a great and rich culture. The great history and the dignity of Iranian people are well known and admired.

As other civilised nations, Iranian people have the full right to free self-determination, peace, freedom, rights and civil liberties, legitimate democratic government established by popular vote. Things, which are so evident and natural for a majority of world nations, are unfortunately not available for present day Iranian people.
If people are murdered and executed, there is no right to life. If people are tortured, inhumanly treated, corporally punished and mutilated, if they are prosecuted for they religion and convictions, freedom of expression, there is no freedom, no equality no civil society, no democracy. No nation merits such conditions and treatment. These medieval violations of human rights, accompanied with nuclear threats to the outside world, must not continue. Those who are responsible must be brought to justice.
Unfortunately, regardless of its own democratically minded people efforts, supported by the international community, the Iranian present regime continues to crack down on its own people.
People, who have lived under Stalinist-communist totalitarian regime, understand what it means to be suppressed and to be without freedom and fundamental rights . And how important it is to get out of it and become free.
Every understanding, support and recognition, moral more than physical, was so important and encouraging. We remember that and we understand You and we give You all our sympathy and support. You have a well-established civil resistance movement and there is no deadlock. Our duty is to support this legitimate resistance movement as a democratic alternative to existing regime not only for the benefit of the Iranian people but also for peace and security of the world.
There is always hope if you keep strong in mind, peaceful and rational in actions. You have surpassed obstacles the politics has placed before You in the international and internal arenas. Sooner or later you will get back your Iran – free and democratic, respected by others and enjoyed by its own people. History shows us that dictatorships will never last endlessly.
I thank you for the invitation to be with you and I wish you every success in your great struggle.


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